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Born Frees’ Attitudes towards Democracy in Mozambique: A Comparative Study of Political Generations

Working Papers
Carlos Shenga

Mozambican’s political attitudes towards democracy tend to be widely known with cross-sectional public opinion surveys on the subject being conducted in the country systematically over more than a decade.  However the attitude of Mozambique’s born frees - those citizens who were born and raised since the country's first democratic multiparty elections in 1994 - tend not to be known. In searching for whether being born and growing up in a democratic context matters, this study tests the generational effect on attitudes toward democracy, controlling for other factors, using Afrobarometer survey data from 2015. It finds that different political generations have differing attitudes towards democracy and that Mozambique’s born frees appear to be negatively associated with democracy. Discussion of these findings suggests the need for inculcating ‘apprentice-citizens’ on the workings of institutions of representative democracy; and rights and responsibilities of democratic citizenship within schools.