Centro de Pesquisas sobre Governação e Desenvolvimento | Centre for Research on Governance and Development

Youth and Political Participation

CPGD in collaboration with the National Democratic Institute completed a study entitled: Youth’s Concerns and their Expectations for Socio-economic Development in Mozambique using focus group discussion methodology.

The primary objective of the research is to improve political parties’ understanding of what youth view as their most significant challenges, particularly related to political and economic participation.

The study, which was conducted during December 2015, analysed youth’s views on the political and economic environment and their expectations for socio-economic development in Mozambique. A total of 485 young people (men and women aged 17-35) participated by responding to a structured series of open-ended questions, across Northern, Central and Southern Provinces in Mozambique. Discussions included youth affiliated with all three major political parties with parliamentary representation, as well as apolitical youth. The findings reveal that across the political spectrum, youth generally agreed on a number of issues such as having increased access to education, employment opportunities, housing, loans, professional training, and societal justice.

Research Outputs:

  • Policy Brief: Resolvendo as Preocupações da Juventude Moçambicana [Portugues] - Download Here
  • Policy Brief: Solving the Concerns of Mozambican Youth [English] - Download Here
  • Full Report available for download from the NDI website here.