Centro de Pesquisas sobre Governação e Desenvolvimento | Centre for Research on Governance and Development

New Briefing Paper: Solving the Concerns of Mozambican Youth

Our latest policy brief "Solving the concerns of Mozambican Youth," is based on the findings of a study conducted by the Centre for Research on Governance and Development (CPGD) for the National Democratic Institute (NDI) on youth attitudes toward political and economic development and their expectations for socio-economic development in Mozambique. The study, conducted in December 2015, was a qualitative public opinion study using focus group discussions methodology. A total of 485 young people (men and women aged 17-35 years) participated in the focus groups, which were held in urban, peri-urban and rural areas across northern, central and southern provinces in Mozambique. A detailed report of the focus group discussions is available and can be downloaded from the NDI website (www.ndi.org).

This brief policy will be of interest to government ministries and policy makers responsible for areas related to youth, education and employment at the national and provincial levels as well as district directors, legislators, political parties, civil society organizations and young people themselves.

It can be downloaded here