Centro de Pesquisas sobre Governação e Desenvolvimento | Centre for Research on Governance and Development

Call for V-Dem Country Coordinators

CPGD is working with the V-Dem Institute (https://v-dem.net), an independent research institute which collects data on democracy 350+ indicators for all countries in the world. V-Dem hosts the biggest dataset on democracy and in 2016 has received the Lijphart/Przeworski/Verba Dataset Award!

V-Dem are now searching for young prominent scholars who are interested in joining the global V-Dem Team as a ’Country Coordinator’ for: Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique.


  • Master degree in Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Public Administration, Economics, or related field; applicant holding or pursuing doctoral degree will receive priority consideration;
  • Deep knowledge of political history and contemporary politics of a country;
  • Demonstrated knowledge and interest in democracy and development research is an advantage. Previous experience in a research project is an asset.
  • Interest in establishing long-term commitment with V-Dem and ability to work for data collection during few weeks per year


  • Gathering data on different aspects of democracy through the V-Dem online survey on topics of Elections, Executives and Legislature for 1900-2016
  • Assist with identifying potential expert coders - 'Country Experts'


  • The data collection will commence in the beginning of January 2017 and will last for 3 weeks, though the actual work only requires a few days.
  • We may request assistance with identifying expert coders the months before the coding exercise. A honorarium of 200 USD is offered. The data collection happens every year and lasts for one month.

To Apply:
Please submit your CV and a Cover Letter to Carlos Shenga (cshenga@gmail.com) and Natalia Stepanova (natalia.stepanova@v-dem.net) before 30 September 2016.