Centro de Pesquisas sobre Governação e Desenvolvimento | Centre for Research on Governance and Development

New Research on Youth and Political Participation

CPGD is embarking on a new research project in collaboration with the National Democractic Institute on youth and political participation.  

The purpose of the research is to increase the understanding of young peoples’ overarching concerns and attitudes relative to the political environment and their economic inclusion, as well as their expectations for socio-economic development. The primary objective of the research is to improve political parties’ understanding of what youth view as their most significant challenges, particularly related to political and economic participation.

The research will involve focus groups discussions with youth from urban, peri-urban and rural areas throughout the country.  The result of the study will advance youth’s view on the how public policy choices can address disparities and identified youth problems. This will serve as the evidence-based options that youth will use when interacting with their political parties at the sub-national levels.

The findings of the research are expected to be released in spring 2016.