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CPGD nominates three Mozambican scholars for Afrobarometer Summer School at the University of Cape Town

In the scope of its strategic goal of building capacity among Mozambican scholars for systematic research, the CPGD has selected three young Mozambican scholars to participate in the 2013 Afrobarometer Summer School being hosted by the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Social Science from 7 to 30 January 2013. 
The Summer School will focus primarily on the theories, concepts, and measures contained in the current Afrobarometer questionnaire, as well as provide participants with the research and statistical skills to use Afrobarometer data. The goal is to broaden the number of scholars and analysts of African politics able to analyze, interpret and disseminate Afrobarometer findings in both applied and academic settings.
The three selected nominees have all undertaken fieldwork on Afrobarometer surveys in Mozambique and it is hoped this training will enhance their ability in data analysis and report writing for the future beneft of Mozambique.  As part of the programme they will each be required to write a paper based on Afrobarometer data that will be presented at a public event at the end of Summer School.