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New Working Paper Released - Mozambican Legislative Development: Observation from an Institutionalization Perspective

The first CPGD Working Paper assesses legislative institutional development of the first three democratic legislatures of the Mozambican Assembly.  Based on a 15-year period of original systematic data from three Mozambican democratic legislatures, entailing all 750 legislators, this paper assesses the extent to which the Mozambican Assembly is institutionalized.
It verifies this first, by assessing and comparing the levels of membership stability.  Second, whether leaders tend to be selected from within the organization and have substantial tenure in office.  And third, whether the Assembly employs a discretionary and particularistic method for decision making or whether it uses member’s political capital (indicated by resources in the form of formal education, occupational status and previous political experiences working in government, and substantive tenure in office) as an operational procedure for distribution of positions of power.
This Working Paper can be downloaded from the CPGD Website: www.cpgd.org.mz/publications